Like We Are

I spent the hours before dawn of an entire night, remembering who we were  
mixed with the movies, the music, and the hurried, traveler movements of this last year apart. The touch of our famous mornings   and the quiet goodbyes.

I dreamt of us   and woke to who we are now.
Us living goals   and gliding past skies   and calling when it's late.
The airports,
the new strangers
 and the timezones of our friendship state.

How I miss you when you're gone  
chasing cobblestones in Europe,
calling red-light after closing,
and telling me to wait another day.

Wait - until the moonlight that we feel  
wait until the coming home again  
wait until it clears for you to feel.
Feel "what you've always felt" and let it be days upon the sea.
Let it be every morning, and last drink, and takeaway good story... let me have you this time and have it last.

What if I show up at your door (you say)  
and we start this all again.
What if the miles didn't exist. What if tonight  
we'd be us again, like we were then.

. . .


first southern night

That first warm southern night without anything of just before. How the sky had these levels of radical, historical, old piercing blues forming and I felt like a crash of all the women I’ve tried to be. 

I could still feel if I tried, like the aches and pains of you trying to try, but instead I just feel the sweat on my skin for the first time this thrilling summer, and the fresh clothes, and the lightening bugs...like I woke up to all new sensations, like winter was just yesterday. The yesterday’s winter of bending, and racing across the snowy city, and thinking that Metra track headed to your city, any way it turned. 

Now there’s just a free open space of the smells I can breathe in again. Of the nights that used to be something else..., and that strange blue sky changing, and this balmy neighborhood that’s still exotic in some lingering way...and a repeating pattern I’m determined to shake this season and every one later. 

Like a new dream, in a newer one, here goes the fun :). 


Happy thought

Now let's talk about last night.
Are there words yet, again? Cause I only remember colors and I, -haha- can't stop the smile at the turn of every unrelated thought.
    It's all "just happy thoughts" blended at night. It's all the best I've ever seen of you, who you are, and what's formed together behind that handsome face.

I should get it together. I should start organizing back to cool factor - I should ready for the time between again... with vague metaphors and work around distractions.
    But if all I ever say right, are a few words of this space, then I've done a goodness to the future. To the heart, and all it has ahead; unknown.

Let's remember how we slept,
where we placed one another in movements
- and what the morning sounded like.

Let's meet at the top of something, or say something like that... But ya know, wherever it goes doesn't matter for now - cause for nights ahead I'll sigh asleep thinking of that memory. I'll see it on the seas, I'll hear it in the rhythm, and I'll think of you that way.

Because I laugh at all the ways you just exist, and you get my joke. And we walk through city after city with everything to say and no way to choose.
So lead where to follow, or look at me with that happy goodbye - it'll all work out either way.

    For now, this morning in your arms will be my happy place for all of what I can see onward, into summer.

. . .